Return to Sender by julie brooks

After returning from Berlin, I arrived home prepped to be active in the studio and invigorated for new creations.

While I was away, many of my sculptures and jewelry collection pieces were stolen. Alongside this heartache, most of my forming equipment and other studio items were also burglarized.

Needless to say, I am overwhelmed that where my heart lives, has been so carelessly desecrated.

I only sell my work privately and if anyone is approaching a gallery, museum, or any platform with my creations - the work is stolen.

Nothing would be more welcoming than the individuals who took these works to return them.

My online store is stocked with remaining jewelry. All proceeds of sales are going towards purchasing equipment and tools.

Thanks again, to my collectors, for your patronage.

home by julie brooks

“The 25th”

Standing still has been difficult in the past. My mind wanders to those people and places I have left behind and the transient present. The connotation of memory is summoned for me through foggy ephemeral images. Pinhole photography allows capture of the passage of time as memory traces. Unique compositions presenting the seen and unseen. The creation of the images and the objects making them are a test of my ability to stay. Slow down. Be present. Connect.

I wonder though.....where will I end up? As my restlessness continually appears satisfied by the task at hand, it is my desire for connection that drives this search for my real home. Home as person and place together.